Even that in S/4 HANA, EWM is embedded, still the configuration and arquitecture has been inherited from the former one, where they were two different sytems.

So, in order to configure it, it will be necessary to create the same Warehouse Number in both, the setup for S/4 HANA and the configuration menu for EWM.



The first step will be though, to create the Warehouse Number in S/4 HANA and assign it to the respective Plant(s)/Storage Location(s) that is going to manage.


For this setup we will access to the following transaction:

IMG → Enterprise Sctructure → Definition → Logistics Execution → Define, copy, delete, check warehouse number

 Create Warehouse Number in S/4 Hana

Here, we will select the first option (Define warehouse number)

Press New Entries and add the new Warehouse Number:

Once it is created, we will need to assign it to the combination of Plant(s)/Storage Location(s) which are going to be managed within this Warehouse Number.

This will be done in the transaction:

IMG → Enterprise Structure → Assignment → Logistics Execution → Assign warehouse number to plant/storage location

Clicking in New Entries we will enter these combinations and assign them to the previously created Warehouse Number.

Warehouse Number assignment in EWM-S/4 HANA



Then, we will need to create this Warehouse Number in the EWM menu.

For that we will go to the following transaction in the configuration Menu:

IMG SCM Extended Warehouse Management → Extended Warehouse Management → Master Data → Define Warehouse Numbers

Clicking in New Entries, we will be able to enter this Warehouse Number and its description.

Create Warehouse Number in EWM