Each different Raw Material, Component, Commodity, Semi-finished or Finished Product must have an entry in the Material Master.


Each Material must be defined as a Material Type, and this definition will limit or allow the different functionality which can be used with it.


The Material Master is divided into different views, depending on the functionality to which they are related. And the creation of these views can be limited by the Material Type to which it has been assigned.




We can see below some of the different groups of views.



S/4 HANA Material Master Views



The ones specific to Production Planning are:


  • Advanced Planning (if the PP/DS functionality will be used)
  • MRP
  • Forecasting
  • Work Scheduling





Each of the fields in the PP views of the Material Master can be defined at 4 different levels:


  • Global → Valid for all the Plants
  • Plant → Only valid for the Plant in which is defined
  • MRP Area → For performing a different MRP (it can include various Storage Locations)
  • Storage Location → Only valid for the Storage Location in which it is defined






The Material Master is one of the most basic Master Data in S/4 HANA, so it does not need other Master Data to be created previously.


Some of the PP fields must have been previously defined in configuration.


In some cases, the default configuration offered by SAP will be enough. In other, additional values will be needed to be created.

Different types of Production in SAP S/4 HANA PP
Bill of Materials in SAP S/4 HANA PP