Introduction to SAP PP-PI Intro Course

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SAP PP-PI (Production Planning – Process Industries) offers specific functionality for industries where the tracking of manufactured products via batches is essential, such as Pharma, Food & Beverages or Chemicals.

Apart from Batch Management, there are other specific requirements common to these industries also included in this component. Most of them require a tighter integration with the shop-floor machines (weighting or process units) or the strict following of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines.

In this tutorial, we will go over the main functionality of this component with some examples for a better understanding of its use and with some screenshots of how it is managed in the system.

For that, we will follow this structure:

  1. Process Order
    1. Process Order Structure
    2. Process Order Flow
  2. Process Order Creation
    1. Process Order Creation
    2. Master Data Selection for a Process Order
    3. Scheduling of a Process Order
    4. Costing of a Process Order
  3. Process Order Planning and Release
    1. Process Order Planning
    2. Material Availability Check
    3. Batch Determination
    4. Material Quantity Calculation
    5. Resource Reservation
    6. Process Order Release
  4. Process Management
    1. Overview
    2. Process Instructions (PI-Sheets with Xsteps)
    3. Control Recipes
    4. Process Messages
  5. Material Staging and Goods Issue
    1. Material Staging Options
    2. Goods Issue
  6. Confirmations
    1. Confirmations Options
    2. Material Movements through Confirmations
  7. Goods Receipts
  8. Order Settlement and Archiving
  9. GMP Compliance






Introductory Course to SAP PP-PI
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