The quant is the object based on which the stock quantities are managed in the EWM warehouses.

It is a material quantity grouped based on some criteria:

  • Same material number or product
  • Same stock type or category
  • Same special stock assignment
  • Same plant and storage location
  • Same batch number (where used)

Whenever a posting is done which would create a quantity with a different criteria, a new quant will be created for it.

It is an internal object which might not be frequently used in the day-to-day activities, but that should be know in order to understand how EWM works internally.

 SAP S4 HANA EWM - Quants

They can sit in a storage bin, a resource, a TU or a warehouse number.

They can be managed in HUs, but not is necessary. In case it is managed with HU, the HU number will be used for identifying the quant.

The system manages different characteristics at quant level:

  • Goods receipt date/time
  • Country of origin
  • Certificate number
  • Inspection type
  • Stock ID
  • Dimensions
  • Consolidation group
  • Reference document
  • Blocking indicator
  • Indicator for batch in restricted-use stock


Wharehouse Structure in EWM vs WM