In this lesson, we will see the more used SAP PP-PI transactions with a brief explanation of their purpose.

There are many more, but in most of the implementations, these ones are the only ones that are used.


    • MM01:¬†Create Material (immediately).
    • MM02: Change Material.
    • MM03: Display Material.
    • MM06: Flag Material for deletion.
    • MM17: Mass Maintenance for Materials.
    • MMAM: Change Material Type.
    • MMD1: Create MRP Profile.
    • MMD2: Change MRP Profile.
    • MMD3: Display MRP Profile.
    • MMD6: Delete MRP Profile.


    • MSC1N: Create Batch.
    • MSC2N: Change Batch.
    • MSC3N: Display Batch.


  • C223: Production Versions Manteinance (Creation, Change, Display and Deletion).


    • CS01: Create Bill of Materials.
    • CS02: Change Bill of Materials.
    • CS03: Display Bill of Materials


      • CRC1: Create Resource.
      • CRC2: Change Resource.
      • CRC3: Display Resource.
      • CR11: Create Capacity.
      • CR12: Change Capacity.
      • CR13: Display Capacity.
      • CR31: Create Resources Hierarchy.
      • CR32: Change Resources Hierarchy.
      • CR33: Display Resources Hierarchy.


        • C201: Create Master Recipe.
        • C202: Change Master Recipe.
        • C203: Display Master Recipe.


          • CC01: Create Change Number.
          • CC02: Change Change Number.
          • CC03: Display Change Number.


            • MD61: Create Planned Independent Requirements (PIRs).
            • MD62: Change Planned Independent Requirements (PIRs).
            • MD63: Display Planned Independent Requirements (PIRs).


              • MD01: Total Planning Online.
              • MDTB: Total Planning as Background Job.
              • MD02: Multilevel Single-item Planning.
              • MD50: Single-item Planning for a Sales Order.
              • MD51: Single-item Planning for a Project.
              • MD01N: MRP Live.
              • MD04: Stocks and Requirements List.
              • MD05: MRP List.
              • MD06: MRP List – Collective Display.
              • MD07: Stocks and Requirements List – Collective Display.

              PLANNED ORDERS

                • MD11: Create Planned Order.
                • MD12: Change Planned Order.
                • MD13: Display Planned Order.

              PROCESS ORDERS

                • COR1: Create Process Order for a Material.
                • CO0O: Create Process Order without Material.
                • COR7: Create Process Order for a Planned Order.
                • COR8: Collective conversion of Planned Orders into Process Orders.
                • COR2: Change Process Order.
                • COR3: Display Process Order.
                • COPI: Print Process Order.
                • COHVPI: Mass Processing of Process Orders.


                  • PCA1: Create Production Campaign.
                  • PCA2: Change Production Campaign.
                  • PCA3: Display Production Campaign.

                  CAPACITY LEVELLING

                    • CM29: Capacity Planning Table (Graphical).
                    • CM35: Capacity Planning Table (Tabular).

                    MATERIALS MOVEMENTS

                      • MF60: Material Staging List for Process Order.
                      • CO27: Picking List.
                      • COPAWA: Pack Order Components.
                      • MIGO: Material Movements (Goods Issues and Receipts).
                      • COB1: Create Batch Search Strategy.
                      • COB2: Change Batch Search Strategy.
                      • COB3: Display¬†Batch Search Strategy.


                        • COR6N: Confirmation by Phase.
                        • CORR: Collective entry of confirmations by Phase.
                        • CORK: Confirmation by Process Order.
                        • CORT: Display of confirmation of Process Order.
                        • CORS: Cancel of confirmation of Process Order.

                        INFORMATION SYSTEM

                        • COOISPI: Information System for Process Orders.

                        PROCESS MANAGEMENT

                          • CO57: Manually create Message.
                          • CO69: Automatically create Message.
                          • CO54XT: Message Monitor.
                          • CO62: Delete Message.
                          • CO55: Worklist for PI-Sheets – Maintain.
                          • CO64: Worklist for PI-Sheets – Complete.
                          • CO67: Worklist for PI-Sheets – Check.
                          • CO52: Process Messages.

                          Process Flow of the Process Order
                          Fiori Apps for SAP S4 HANA PP-PI (Production Planning - Process Industries)